University of Khartoum
English Language Institute
MA TEFL Programme
TEFL 603: Core Issues in TEFL (1)
This course aims to introduce students to the theories of language acquisition, theories of
language learning, differences between approaches and methods, learning styles/ strategies, and
motivation and attitudes and their impact on language learning.
Learning outcomes
By the end of the course, students will be able to:
 Identify foreign language acquisition theories.
 Demonstrate an understanding of foreign language learning theories and strategies.
 Recognize needs of mixed ability classrooms and individual student.
 Demonstrate an understanding of the role of motivation and attitudes in language learning.
Content outline
 Theories of language acquisition: behaviourism/ nativist/functional.
 Factors affecting acquisition.
 Theories of language learning: behaviourism/ mentalism/ constructivism.
 Approaches and methods.
 Learning styles and strategies.
 Motivation and attitudes and their role in learning a language.
 Needs of mixed ability classrooms and individuals differences.