This lecture and discussion class surveys some of the basic principles of environmental design, and their relevance to both vernacular and contemporary Architecture. The course is intended for the graduate M.Sc. in Architecture students to cover the principle concepts of: heat transfer, natural ventilation, and climate.

The goal of this course is to investigate with students backgrounds on some of the fundamental events that have shaped our understanding and approach to contemporary architecture. This class approaches postmodernism in architecture from three intersecting standpoints: –as a historical period with a specific relationship to modernism; –as an assortment of significant paradigms (theoretical frameworks) for the consideration of cultural issues and objects; and –as a group of themes. 

This course represents the basis for the final dissertation of the MSc in Architecturecandidates. It surveys some of the basic architectural research theories and processes, the principles of research definition, research techniques, available tools, and methodological constraints that affect a research project. An understanding of the problem statement, and research question, analysis and how this activity progresses throughout the thesis with an emphasis on research methodologies and application strategies.