Instructor: Ibrahim Z. Bahreldin

2nd Year - M.Sc. Architecture (2014-2015) Semester 1

Tusedays - (8:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m.)

Course Contents

It has been increasingly recognized that urban design and urban designers form the long neglected yet crucial link that can mediate between individual architectural projects and overall planning strategies. Therefore, the course focuses on the design of cities and towns with near and far futures in mind.

The course discusses the current issues in urban planning and design through a series of lectures and seminars outlined below:

o Introduction: planning, architecture, urban design and city planning.

o Urban Design concepts, methods, urban morphology and aesthetics.

o Urban elements: buildings, streets, squares, landmarks, networks and waterfronts.

o Analytical urban design techniques.

o Urban regeneration and preservation.

o Implementing urban design projects.

o Urban design processes and management.

o Case studies and seminars in urban design